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WageCan aims to make the blockchain based asset spending as easy as it is like purchasing with debit cards. They offer services for freelancers, merchants, international workers and cryptocurrency miners, basically for anyone who would like to spend bitcoins and fiat currencies in a hassle free way.

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About WageCan

WageCan is a Taiwanese company that is providing blockchain based payment solutions since 2014. The company has been incorporated in Hong Kong and they also provide their registration number on the website.

The founders realized the market gap that the blockchain payment solutions at the cryptocurrency exchanges are location limited. They rather want to provide services to anyone in the world, without long registration process.

Wagecan cardFranky Hu, current Chief Executive Officer at WageCan is one of the founders. As a software architect and a tech geek he has been involved in the bitcoin world since early 2013. He also has several other projects and startups, for example Zoaks, that is a mobile application design firm. He holds a degree in Software Engineering from the National Taiwan Normal University. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was doing research in physics in Academia Sinica.

Rovers Yang, Chief Technology Officer has over 10 years of experience in IT infrastructure development. His software engineering experience is beyond the financial industry as he loves coding he is easy engaging in new projects. He is a cryptocurrency miner himself and has a great passion about the blockchain technology.

Brya Cheng COO has six years of web development experience in his background and managed multiple projects before founding WageCan. He is responsible for application development at the moment. Sean Lin CFO is an enthusiastic cryptocurrency trader and programmer. His trading volume accumulated up to 13 million USD with the help of the automated trading over the past couple of years.

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Services Provided

WageCan provides a blockchain based payment solutions. Freelancers can benefits from the low fees, international workers can access oversee ATM cash withdrawals without owning bank accounts and cryptocurrency miners can receive earnings directly to their bitcoin debit card.

Wagecan freelancersThe cards from WageCan can be used for online shopping, point of sale purchases at local shops and for cash withdrawals at over 30 million ATM worldwide in 200+ countries. They also support cloud services.

Clients can order multiple cards in multiple currencies in whatever combination that suits their needs. They can order one for work and one for personal usage or even possible to order new card for any new freelancing jobs, clients can decide. Physical and virtual cards are both available at WageCan.

The registration at WageCan is open to any nationalities. There is no restriction for any residents. The shipping of the physical cards takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the location. Expedited shipping is available via DHL.

The card is available in USD, EUR and GBP currencies along with bitcoin.

Wagecan minersThe WageCan cards can be funded via several applications. Clients can add cryptocurrencies directly from the blockchain with confirmed transactions. Users can also load the balance via the website or from one of the Android or iPhone applications.

There are two cards to choose from at WageCan. The Silver Card allows user to transact up to 12 000 USD, the ATM withdrawals are limited to three transactions per day in the amount of 1000 USD per transaction. The Universe Card does not have a lifetime loading or spending limit. There is only a daily ATM withdrawal limit that is applied in the amount of 2500 USD per day.

The company is also running a bonus program. Clients can earn daily bonuses and increase their income if they refer further customers to WageCan. Also, the are preferring miners to join the community by giving them extra bonuses.

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Fees and Pricing Schedule

There is two pricing plans are available for WageCan bitcoin debit cards. Clients can choose from the Silver Card and the Universe Card.

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Wagecan international workersThe Silver Card is available in USD and EUR fiat currencies. Both online and offline shopping with the Silver Card is free of charge. They charge a 1.5% currency exchange fee on oversee transactions that is applicable to all ATM withdrawals, POS and online transactions where the base currency of the debit card is not matching with the currency of the transaction. The ATM cash withdrawals are charged at 1.5% with a minimum fee of 7 USD. Balance transfers from the account to external providers costs 10 USD per transaction. The Silver Cards have a 2 USD per month account management fee that is charged if the accounts are inactive and have not been used for 12 consecutive months. Unfortunately the Silver Card is out of stock at the moment and there is no news whether it will be available again in the future.

The Universe card can be used in USD, EUR and GBP currencies. The cost of the card is 0.05 to 0.08 BTC (depending on whether express or regular mail is chosen for shipping). This card price at current bitcoin exchange rate is quite high compared to competitors. The virtual card cost 0.4 BTC, again, extraordinary high compared to the market. There is also a monthly account maintenance fee of 1 USD applicable to the Universe Card that includes monthly SMS notifications that is not an optional service. The domestic ATM withdrawals costs 2.50 USD per transactions, the international cash withdrawals are 3.50 USD. Foreign transaction fee is 3% just like at other debit card providers. Both online and offline purchases at point of sale terminals are free of charges.

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WageCan User Experience

Wagecan global mapThe WageCan website is a professionally built online media. The page is nicely designed however it is difficult to find the relevant information quickly. The price of the cards are hidden under Debit Card Instruction tab, while the limits are only available for registered users. After registration, WageCan offers additional discounts for new users, so clients can get a hold of the physical bitcoin debit cards for as low as 0.025 BTC.

In order to register at WageCan platform, users have to provide their names, date of birth, nationality, login credentials and a phone number for two factor authentication.

In case users have any issues, they can turn to WageCan by email that creates a ticket at Zendesk platform, so they make sure all issues are taken care of diligently.

Overall Conclusion

WageCan offers bitcoin debit cards for freelancers, international workers and cryptocurrency miners for any nationalities over the world. Theoretically there are two cards to choose from and one of the card has a very good pricing structure, but unfortunately out of stock. The other card however can make the blockchain payments very expensive so clients should review the terms and conditions before registering for WageCan services.


  • founders with strong technological background
  • available in USD, EUR, GBP
  • bonus program


  • expensive card fee
  • information is difficult to find on the website
  • the cheaper card is out of stock
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