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Tidebit is a crypto exchange based in Hong Kong. Due to the current developments on the Chinese market, the stock exchange wants to open itself increasingly to investors on the Chinese mainland.

Hong Kong is a special administrative zone of the People’s Republic of China and has always benefited from economic advantages due to its special status. Even today, these advantages are not lost, because while the regulators on the mainland close stock exchange after stock exchange, Tidebit wants to absorb the same stream.

Tidebit belongs to the Tideisun Group and was founded in 2015. Originally Tidebit described itself as a video platform for documentation and tutorials, but due to increased requests from users how to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum, Terence Tsang, CEO of Tideisun, decided to set up a stock exchange.

After the closures in China, many new users opened an account with Tidebit: “The ban did not stop them [the Chinese investors] from buying more crypto currencies… in recent weeks we have had a lot of new users from mainland China opening a new account on Tidebit. They still want to participate. I see a big demand and think that users will switch to Hong Kong and Singapore.”


Tidebit offers various payment methods and integrates WhatsApp as an interface for customer support. Further expansions for the future are already planned. Vincent Poon of Tidebit explains:

“[Tidebit] is not just a trading platform, we have a real blockchain ecosystem. Currently we only trade Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, we plan to introduce more derivatives in the future. We also want to get a Japanese stock exchange license.”

The closure of Chinese stock exchanges again led to record highs for the local trading platform “Localbitcoins”. In Hong Kong, the trading volume between August 19 and September 2 was the equivalent of around EUR 615,000 via Localbitcoins alone.

Is Hong Kong a country?

Strictly speaking, Hong Kong, like Macao, is a semi-administered territory of China with a special status. Even in the United Nations, Hong Kong is not listed as a member country in its own right, but as a territory dependent on China.

But Hong Kong has its own judiciary, executive (admittedly influenced by China) and legislature, its own tax system, and when you travel in or out, you get a stamp of Hong Kong stamped on your passport. Hong Kong has its own currency that is independent of China, its own telephone area code, a license plate and an Internet domain. does not want to create or debate any foundations of international law. The mere existence of separate country codes according to ISO, STANAG, Fips and even the United Nations is reason enough for us to list Hong Kong as a separate “country”.

Hong Kong is a country in the south of China and in the Pearl River Delta. The small state has a total area of 1,105 km² and a total coastal length of 733 km. This area is about 1.2 times the size of Berlin. Hong Kong is thus one of the smallest countries in Asia and ranks 187th in the world in terms of surface area. With 6,689 inhabitants per km² it is one of the most densely populated countries on earth.

The country has 263 partly uninhabited islands. China is the only neighbouring country of Hong Kong. The distance between Berlin and the capital Hong Kong is about 8,760 km.

Hong Kong has a tropical climate, as in all countries close to the equator. There is no difference between the seasons as here in Central Europe. The length of day hardly fluctuates and the temperature differences between summer and winter are just as smaller. The average daily maximum temperatures are between 19 and 31 degrees, depending on the season. In the colder months, the temperature drops at night to up to 14°C in the monthly average, depending on the region.