Raxcard.com Debit Card Review

To make it short: RaxCard looks like it had been a scam and the service seems to be unavailable since quite a while.

What to say about this service? Maybe let’s start with the detail that the website’s copyright, which is stated in their footer area, hasn’t been updated since 2017. The website also looks like no one has taken care of it since that time. There is a lot of text and even a video about their anonymous Bitcoin debit card service, however, there is no call-to-action button anywhere on the page. So we have no idea where users should order such a card. Maybe you have to go to their contact page and order a card through their contact form? Nobody knows, and we’ll definitely not try it, also because of the overall strange impression of this online presentation. The website simply looks like the guys behind it don’t take their business for serious (anymore?).

Originally, Raxcard had listened to the ever-increasing demand of the bitcoin debit card market regarding anonymous cards. The Raxcard bitcoin debit card used to enable users to purchase in shops or withdraw cash from ATMs without disclosing their identity. Having served the Bitcoin community for over 11 years, Raxcard was said to be also one of the most popular Bitcoin debit card services, but now we’re not sure if they are still running.

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About Raxcard

Raxcard.com was registered in 2013, however, the brand has been running since 2008 according to their platform. Going along with this information, the creation of this card dates even before the creation of Bitcoin.

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Based on the address they provide in the “Contact us” section, their headquarters is in Forkland. However looking at Google Maps, the address provided just points to the middle of a forest. So it is questionable whether Raxcard has a registered office in the town at all.

Raxcard does have Facebook. It’s hard to believe that someone is trying to run a business with only a Facebook account nowadays. The website does have some Social Media icons on the top right corner of every page, however, there are no accounts linked to these.

The Facebook and website of this company have not been active since 2014.

Raxcard on Social Media

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Raxcardcom-343363989146851

Provided Services

The Raxcard bitcoin debit card works as an ordinary debit card, it enables clients to purchase both online and offline and clients can also use it to withdraw cash from any ATMs. The debit card is backed with bitcoins, so it can be a great solution for those who get paid in bitcoins or dealing with cryptocurrency daily. The bitcoin wallet is linked directly to the account of the card, therefore users can withdraw cash from bitcoin without using third-party services.

Raxcard produces anonymous debit cards that are safe, secure, and easy to use. There is no identity verification, clients do not need to worry about providing private data, such as ID cards or passports. The name of the users are not even visible on the card, as the cardholder name Raxcard Company is written. The firm issues three types of debit cards: the bitcoin debit card, the perfect money card, and the webmoney debit card, all of which can be loaded from the specific services. All of these cards have the same fee structures, the applicable limits are the same and even the details provided about them are the same on each page.

One of the things that may point out that Raxcard is not legit is that they do not specify the countries they ship cards to. According to the order form on their official website, Bitcoin debit cards can be sent to any country, which is something not even the biggest BTC debit card companies can do.

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There are no upgraded services for verified users. Raxcard only offers anonymous cards for its users. The cards are available under the Mastercard company.

In order to get a Raxcard bitcoin debit card, users just need to go through the registration process which is fairly quick. Without any delays, once the order form is filled out and the card is paid they promise to ship the Raxcard within 24 hours. The card can be obtained by anyone in any part of the world, there are no restrictions for anyone. The shipping is always done with a tracking number, which enables users to see where their cards are after the order. The Raxcard bitcoin debit cards usually arrive between 2 to 4 business days after ordering them.


The company uses certain limits for anonymous cards. The cash withdrawal is limited to 10,000 USD per day. The card can also be topped up with 10,000 USD per day and no monthly limits according to their website.

Once the Raxcard account is set up and the client has the associated Raxcard bitcoin debit card, users can use this card to verify a PayPal account or any other alternative payment provider’s services, such as Payza as well.

Fees and Pricing Schedule

The Raxcard bitcoin debit card is issued in exchange for a one-time fee of 50 USD. The initial issuance cost includes the FEDEX shipping within the US or the DHL shipping for international orders. In case users want to obtain multiple bitcoin debit cards, Raxcard also offers a bulk price for them upon negotiations. Raxcard does not charge any monthly or annual maintenance fee and the card activation is free of charge as well.

Order a BTC debit card

Aspiring Raxcard users can order their BTC debit cards on the Raxcard official website, where they will find a form that needs to be filled in order to submit their petitions. As you see in this form, requests need various data fields that include your name, email address, card, and shipment details. It is strictly necessary for every user to correctly fill this form, any wrong information could lead to a failed order. Users can pay their debit cards with Bitcoin, Altcoins, Payeer, and Perfect Money.

Bitcoin Debit cards will allow you to exchange your BTC tokens from your nearest local ATM at the current price without having to entrust your money to digital exchange companies.

Raxcard fee

The ATM withdrawals are cheaper in comparison to other market competitors. Both the domestic and the international cash withdrawals charge less than 1 USD, at 0.99 USD. There is also a fixed fee for enquiring the account balance at the ATMs, it costs 0.50 USD each time.

Online purchases do not have any fee at all. The international usage of the card is also priced differently than it is seen on the market. They do not charge the customers currency exchange fees, with a percentage, but rather instead they charge a fixed fee of 1 USD on each international purchase.

Raxcard User Experience

The Raxcard website has a very plain design. It looks as if no one has touched it since it’s creation in 2008. Each page has an embedded video that explains the benefits of using an anonymous card, like the Raxcard bitcoin debit card, webmoney card, or perfect money card. An annoying part of the site is that all the videos start right away once the site is loaded.

Raxcard video

The Related Stories section is supposed to show the news about the company. But instead, they are just listing a bunch of Keywords for random days of the year. It looks like back in 2015 they cared about the content as at least full sentences were written, but ever since then, simple words are listed as news. Definitely not too appealing and looks like they just want to generate traffic to the site, the last article was published in 2017.

The creators of the website seem to like videos very much. Under the “Testimonial” section there are a couple of short videos from probable users who tell us about the card and why it’s a good decision to get it. Some of them are really funny and the full concept becomes very ironic when you realize that the main benefit of the Raxcard cards is to be anonymous.

In case of any issues, users can send them emails or fill out a contact form.

The English on the site is sometimes difficult to understand, the spelling is horrible (i.e: wallette), also the breaking and the lack of paragraphs worsen the situation and make it even more difficult to understand the content on the pages.


  • fully anonymous services
  • no monthly or annual maintenance fees
  • no currency exchange fee on international spending


  • poor English on the website which makes the content difficult to understand
  • Support didn’t answer our questions
  • no information regarding the background of the company

Overall Conclusion

The Raxcard bitcoin debit cards could be a great option for those who do not want to share their personal data when shopping with debit cards. The card has a very good fee structure, apart from the initial issuance fee this is one of the cheapest cards on the market. However, there is a high fraud risk associated with the company as they do not disclose any meaningful information about themselves and the site’s structure resembles a scam website. It is therefore advisable to use Raxcard services carefully.

Keep in mind that Bitcoin purchases/investments cannot be retributed back to the user as all transactions are completely irreversible, unlike fiat currency payment processors like PayPal. This is good from a fraud-preventing point of view, but it also acts as a two-edged sword when we can make a wrong transaction or send our tokens to someone we should not have.