Best Bitcoin Cashback Sites

BTC cashback systemsOnline businesses (including apps) are currently as important as physical establishments and, being open to sending shipments to customers from different countries, these platforms generate even more sales.

However, this ecosystem can be quite competitive, so internet businesses must devise ways to attract more customers and keep generating revenue constantly. Let’s remember these apps and websites do not only use marketing and / or offers, so it is necessary to think about more incentives for potential buyers.

Since Bitcoin emerged as a new payment system, it was obvious that it would be a matter of time until businesses began to accept BTC payments and even set up promotions so that customers were incentivized to make purchases with their tokens. One of the most popular strategies has been bitcoin cashback sites and apps, which do better than give the customer a simple discount.

However, crypto adoption would not emerge strongly enough until early 2014/2015, at which time people around the world began to understand the benefits of this technology and multiple companies understood the benefits of opening up to the world of cryptocurrencies. It should be noted that the performance of blockchain also put a very good word on digital assets, since many of them work through it.

Simply put, Bitcoin cashback sites are business platforms that reward a percentage of the amount of each purchase in BTC to the buyer. These websites process the purchase and provide the buyer with reward points or BTC that are equivalent to 1% (or more) of the total price of the product sold, as a form of discount and incentive for users.

Thanks to these platforms, we can gather satoshis while buying products we like and need, so we will be reviewing some of the best Bitcoin Cashback sites out there.

Cashback sites are ideal to receive a small fee with each purchase you make, so when you complete a certain number of purchases, you can make one (or more) for free. Basically, this system works like traditional discounts and discount coupons.

The magic of the cryptocurrency cashback system is that, unlike fiat currency cashback platforms, digital asset prices change, and when they go up it will allow you to make even more purchases.


LolliLolli is a Chrome extension and application that allows users to receive bitcoin cashback on every purchase made in partner stores. By obtaining a percentage of each sale, Lolli decides to share satoshis among clients by sending them directly to their wallets.

Analyzing the advantages of making your purchases on the internet through sites like this allows us to see how we can collect a BTC balance while we buy. Furthermore, it is important to note that this original proposal was the first Bitcoin rewards app / website aimed at giving online shoppers the ability to earn and own BTC just for making the online purchases they are used to.

This innovative team, led by its co-founder and CEO Alex Adelman, wants to make our online purchases that much sweeter, worth the allegory by taking into account that Lolli is short for “Lollipop”.

Adelman and his team of visionaries are betting on Bitcoin because they see it as a store of universal value, and in an increasingly digital age, we believe it has the potential to be the global currency of the future.

In the “Shop” section Lolli has a list with its associated stores and the cashback rates of each service. Next to each member, you will find a “Shop” button that will take you to the site to make your purchases and then receive your cashback.

According to the data displayed by the official website of the company, so far they have been associated with more than 500 brands. Users, once registered, obtain a native wallet in which refunds are deposited, although since last December they can choose to receive their rewards in other cryptocurrency wallets.

The money is kept as a balance, although we are currently working on the development of functions that will allow not only to withdraw the money, once the minimum withdrawal amount is reached (USD 15), but also to transfer the balance to another bitcoin portfolio.


  • Lolli provides a very direct and easy experience with excellent cashbacks rates, unlike other services.
  • You can have Lolli as an extension in your browser, making it easier for the user to access.
  • Excellent customer support team. They are constantly checking that everything is going well while browsing Lolli.


  • Lolli is not available on every website, only partner stores.
  • You can only receive cashbacks in Bitcoin.


StormShopStormshop is a rewards platform that rewards cryptocurrency rewards to its users after every purchase they make. This platform is linked to large technology companies such as Samsung, Microsoft and others, as well as connecting with more than 400 retail partners from different sectors, which sell food and other entertainment products.

Stormshop has cashback rates of up to 40% in different cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, DAI and STORM), which will be sent to your wallet after each new purchase. The procedure is the same for each digital asset, the only thing that changes is the token.

Seattle-based Blockchain startup StormX was tasked with developing StormShop trying to improve the customer experience on online shopping and cashback sites. From the moment a purchase is made and cryptocurrency tokens are attributed to the user’s wallet, it is already a good experience.

The StormShop system allows shoppers to receive cryptocurrency rewards for shopping online and is available in more than 187 countries. Additionally, shoppers can exchange Bolt Reward Points for cryptocurrencies, paid to their ERC20 wallet.

StormShop has been working as an extension for the Google Chrome browser for more than two years. The initiative also developed an application to access StormShop from mobile devices, although this app was initially launched only for the United States and Canada.


  • Cashbacks are paid as different cryptocurrencies, which is convenient for those who collect altcoins.
  • Cashbacks rates greater than 35%.
  • You can exchange tokens within the StormShop platform.
    Friendly interface.


  • Stormshop app is only available in the US and Canada
  • Limited shopping services


PeiPei is a platform for online purchases that will reward you with cashbacks at the end of a purchase with any of its retailers. This initiative was launched in 2018 and they have gained a good reputation since then, especially considering that the cashback business was already popular enough.

Although you can collect your refund in Bitcoin, you can also do it in cash or local currency (as long as it is supported in Pei, an option that most cashback platforms do not have. Pei has been the first to offer Bitcoin cashbacks of more than 20 %, although currently multiple services already have those rates (or even higher).

To use Pei you only have to link your credit / debit card to your account and you can buy different items from your favorite retailers. If you prefer, you can also use Bitcoin to place your orders or make exchanges on the platform.

Unlike other cashback sites, you will receive your reward regardless of the store you buy from, since the idea of ​​the service is to fill your wallet little by little with each purchase. You can even use your credit card to collect each cashback.

To use the service you only have to download the application / extension, create an account and fill in your bank details to be able to link your cards with the platform. Once you have filled in the corresponding fields, you can use the service at your convenience.


  • Allows users to buy with credit/debit card
  • Cashbacks can be sent in BTC, cash or directly to your credit card
  • Pei service counts with a lot of retailers
  • Pei cares about security, as they use bank-level 256-bit encryption to protect users’ information.


  • The Android App is not that great, as it happens to be quite glitchy.
  • Cash-out minimum is $25, which is considered too high.
  • Customer support is somewhat absent.


CoinRebatesCoinRebates is an online trading platform launched by the company, in which users can earn Bitcoins after making a purchase at any of its retailers. CoinRebates has an affiliation program with more than 300 online stores, so they allow shoppers to get discounts as bitcoin payments for the money they spend when making a purchase.

The company claims that paying exclusively in bitcoin, CoinRebates allows anyone in the world to enjoy the fastest and best-paid discounts.

Users have to register their Bitcoin address; however, if they don’t have a Bitcoin wallet, the company recommends creating one on Coinbase (although you really are free to use any wallet service).

Then CoinRebates invites you to take a look at the online stores it works with, where each store offers a different reward. By clicking through to the store where the user wants to shop and shop in the store as they normally would, the user wins the advertised prizes as soon as CoinRebates is notified of the purchase.

The company’s main goal is to help people get involved with Bitcoin and then slowly encouraging them to win too.

The stores available in CoinRebates range from Microsoft Store, Booking, AliExpress, Udemy, Walgreen’s, Macy’s and others. Rewards are sent to your wallet within 30 days after the purchase


  • It has hundreds of online stores where you can buy from.
  • Has a referral system.
  • Nice cashback rates.


  • It does not have a BTC wallet.
  • Cashbacks take too long to be credited to your wallet.
  • Slow customer support service.


BitcoinRewardsBitcoinrewards is an Australian Bitcoin cashback platform that returns a percentage of your purchases in Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This initiative was founded in 2017 and allows you to buy the items you want from your favorite stores (The platform is associated with 1500 online stores). BitcoinRewards has a community of 10,000 users who constantly buy and receive their cashbacks in cryptocurrencies.

The team behind BitcoinRewards is made up of Kahn Hood (CEO / Founder), Michal Hlavacek (CTO), Angie Hood (Advertiser Rep) and Vadym Sydorets (Front-End Engineer). This company was designed as a website and Chrome extension, which will give a comfortable and 1-click user experience.

To prevent the devaluation of your reward in the event that the price of Bitcoin decreases, BitcoinRewards calculates the size of your reward in fiat currency (USD, for example) and stays that way while it remains in a “pending” state. When the platform recognizes the reward, it will automatically be changed to Bitcoin and sent to your wallet.

A “pending” status of your reward means that it has been recognized by the other party to the purchase (the online store) but has not been approved for shipping. Generally speaking, a reward can take 48 hours to be credited, although in some very particular cases it can take up to 45 days to be sent. The status “approved” indicates that the transaction has been verified by the store and that the reward can be sent through a process that takes from 7 to 180 days.

The minimum payout starts at $1.00 and users will be able to maximize their rewards by downloading and using the Google Chrome/Brave extension so as not to miss any offers. Avoiding visiting other web pages while using the service will also influence increasing your reward opportunities, as well as completing a transaction with one of the retailers in the same session originated with BitcoinRewards.


  • Minimum payout is only $1.00
  • Borderless platform; supports United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Brazil, as well as global shopping sites.
  • Brave browser extension available too


  • Rewards can take way too long to be approved.
  • Not to many rewards option besides Bitcoin.