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This webpage lists all the companys which offer you a Bitcoin Debit Card in Russian Rubels (RUB).

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RUB Bitcoin Debit Card Providers (Plastic and Virtual)

Bitcoin debit cards have been designed for those users who want to have access to their bitcoins and fiat money in a quick and easy way. The cards can be funded by several additional way beside bitcoin, with bank wire transfers, credit cards or alternative payment providers, like OKPay or Neteller. The funded cards are accepted worldwide at local shops and online stores. The plastic bitcoin debit cards can be also used to withdraw cash from ATMs.
It is a good news for those who conduct their transactions in RUB that some bitcoin debit card provider already offers RUB denominated cards on the market. Both AdvCash and Coinsbank website is available also in Russian.

Ordering the card

To receive a RUB bitcoin debit card, users need to provide couple of personal bits of information at the card providers website. These includes a photo identification card and a proof of residence. In case a user does not want to provide such details to the card issuer, both at AdvCash and at Coinbank there is an option to order anonymous card.
The plastic cards have a one time issuance cost, which is around 15 USD. These cards are shipped within 2-3 weeks to the requested location. For an additional fee, express delivery shipping method can be choosen which also includes the tracking number. Virtual card are issued right away after registration for a price of 2-3 USD.
Russia is among the accepted countries at both AdvCash and at Coinsbank. Citizens of other countries, who wish to spend rubels or bitcoins with the RUB bitcoin debit card should check their countries if the providers offers the services at their location. Due to local regulation some countries might not be on the authorized list.

Using the card

The RUB bitcoin debit cards are issued by VISA or Mastercard, therefore they are accepted at any place be it an online or offline store where these brands are authorized as method of payment. This includes thousands of ATMs and millions of shops across the globe.
The cards can be loaded directly with rubles, however the transaction fees and the monthly account maintenance fee are charged in USD on the balance of the account. The monthly maintencance fee is 1-2 USD per month. The transaction costs depends on the type of the transactions, international ATM withdrawals are more expensive than domestic ones. In case the base currency of the card, which is RUB does not match with the currency of the transaction, an additional currency translation fee of 3% is applied to each transaction.
Users can top up the bitcoin debit cards up to 3000 USD at AdvCash for verified users. Coinsbank offers a wide range of cards, depending on the amount of funds stored on the card and the fee of the cards. Users will definitely find a solution that suits their needs the best at either platform.


Pros and cons

There is already an option to use rubels for bitcoin debit cards. Some provider offers the option to those RUB as the base currency of the card, making the life easier for those who want to spend money either with RUB or with bitcoin in a quick and easy way. AdvCash offers cheaper and limited services, while Coinsbank has a wide range of offering for an additional price.