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Nuri is the new name of a crypto-friendly FinTech company which was formerly known as Bitwala. Nuri is building the future of money transfers. Nuri offers a fast and low cost option to spend and receive money. They offers a fully fledged bank account, backed by SolarisBank, with a debit card that comes integrated with a cryptocurrency wallet, combining fiat and crypto. This debit card can be used in over 40 million locations worldwide. Nuri also offers 24/7 trading and yearly interest on your crypto assets. The 80,000+ Their users are spread all over the world and their user base has no signs of stopping its growth.

In other words, they are pioneers, the first company to ever combine a regular fiat bank account with crypto services, such as trading and wallets, in a single platform. Nuri is your all-in-one, your one-stop-shop for all your banking needs.

Nuri Review Contents

About Nuri

crypto support by nuri

The Nuri team is based in Berlin. The company was founded by three guys and Lola, the French bulldog who is in love with Dogecoin.

Jörg von Minckwitz, CEO, believes bitcoin is the future. Besides Nuri, he is a co-founder of Bitcoins Berlin, Europe’s leading bitcoin startup incubator. Ben Jones, CTO, from London has a passion for bitcoin and always hassled with international money transfers, so he combined work with pleasure when founding Nuri. Previously he had been working for a web agency producing applications at Meteor Factory. Jan Goslicki, COO, is responsible for quality assurance and customer satisfaction due to his high attention to detail. Before founding Nuri he had been an IT consultant at PwC.

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Services Provided

Card by NuriNuri offers a German bank account from SolarisBank that is also combined with blockchain capabilities, such as crypto trading and holding coins in their crypto wallet. They have an mobile app for mobile banking and crypto trading as well as a Mastercard debit card which can be used in over 40 million locations worldwide. Nuri doesn’t charge any fees either, not even when wirthdrawing cash from an ATM, this is just another fact which sets them apart from the competition.

Besides the bank account and its crypto capabilities, Nuri has also started offering its users the chance to earn interest on their Bitcoin accounts, you can earn 4.51% interest per year on your bitcoin, although the rates are subject to weekly changes this amazing feature sets this company apart.

Nuri mobile viewNow, what about Nuri’s wallet? You can store both Bitcoin and Ethereum in this wallet, they function in the same way as other crypto wallets where you can store, receive and send BTC and ETH, however, users also have the option to directly exchange fiat for crypto or vice versa. The FinTech also offers a simple BTC to ETH conversion tool (or vice versa).

This is not the only great thing about this wallet, Nuri gives its users a complete control over their wallets, since the users are the only ones with access to their private keys and backup phrase, if you are a Nuri user you are the only one in control of your crypto wallet, something which you will not get in other exchanges like Coinbase, this makes your account even more secure.

So, we have talked about all these amazing features that Nuri offers, but we are missing the entire point of why you are reading this article, the debit card.

Registration with

Only people residing in the supported countries ( see list below) are currently able to open an account with Nuri, hence get the Nuri debit card.  ID verification is mandatory at the signup process, so only fully verified customers can use Nuri’s services. As they are partnering with ID verification service company IDnow, you will have to pass a short video phone call during which you also have to have a proof of residency document at hand. Meanwhile this procedure is common among FinTech service providers due to strict regulations in this field. So you won’t find any provider without those requirements anymore.

Supported Countries

Nuri offers its services and process shipments to countries belonging to the EEA (European Economic Area). This countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (including overseas territories), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland (including the Åland Islands), Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including the Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom (including Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man).

Fees and Pricing

Since Nuri offers a fully fledged German bank account it is only obvious that they also provide a debit card, the Nuri debit card works as any normal debit card, it is Mastercard, which means that you can use it anywhere on the world where Mastercard is accepted, and it’s part your German SolarisBank account and the currency is set to Euro.

All ATM withdrawals worldwide are free (as long as neither Mastercard nor the ATM owners and independent providers charge their own fees). Now what about the fees and pricing?


Nuri wealth overviewNuri does have a limit for both daily and monthly spending, withdrawals and trading. However, to have the bank account and debit card is completely free! The only fee you will have to pay is the trading fee, which is 1%, this trading fee makes Nuri stand among the cheapest brokers for buying and selling Bitcoin directly from your bank account.

Now, onto the limits, the limits are defined depending on the nature of your transactions and they are set by their partner bank, SolarisBank. Online payments have a daily limit of 1,500 EUR (can be changed to 5,000 EUR) and a monthly limit of 10,000 EUR. Offline payments have a daily limit of 1,500 EUR (can be changed to 3,000 EUR). And ATM withdrawals have a daily limit of 3,000 EUR and a monthly limit of 10,000 EUR, these limits are way higher than their competitors, which are usually a third or less of Nuri’s limits.

If you want to get more detailed information regarding Nuri’s pricing, you can check this PDF provided by Nuri itself.

Nuri User Experience

btc eth conversion toolNuri’s website has a very clean design and interface with a blue and white theme. The website and its information are well structured and straight to the point and all information is available with just a few clicks. Although the FAQ section is short all information can be found outside of it, in case there is something else that you cannot find neither on the website or the FAQ section, you can easily contact them to get the information you need via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Bitcoin Talk.

Nuri’s customer service is rated high across the internet. There aren’t many complaints about the website or Nuri’s cards at all. Some technical issues arise sometimes, but the Support Team seems to handle such cases very well.


  • Fully fledged German bank account (backed by SolarisBank)
  • Fiat and crypto in one single platform
  • owners work as C-level directors in the company
  • No fiat related fees
  • 1% trading fee


  • not available for unverified users
  • no search function in FAQ
  • not available for US citizens

Overall Conclusion

Nuri is a great option for users located in the European Union and their 70+ supported countries who are looking for a all-in-one option to store, transfer and receive, invest and exchange their fiat and cryptocurrencies (BTC and ETH). It has really amazing features, not only do they offer a legit German bank account, but they also charge 0 fees, there isn’t much to add to prove how great Nuri actually is, but it’s better to see it for yourself as getting their card can be achieved in two steps. Therefore, we recommend Nuri to anyone interested in crypto!

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