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Crypterium Visa Debit Card and Wallet Test 2021

This Crypterium debit card and platform review will help you understand how to use the Crypterium cryptocurrency banking service and if the debit card is the right one for you.

The Crypterium Wallet is backed by the world’s leading crypto bank, according to Yahoo Finance. Users can buy and store Bitcoin and 19 other cryptocurrencies with the Crypterium Wallet, and a dedicated crypto debit card allows users to pay with cryptocurrencies at over 50 million distribution points worldwide.

What Crypterium Wallet and Debit Card experience do users actually gain? How can you buy cryptocurrencies with the Crypterium Token Wallet and what is this Token wallet good for? Is the service worthwhile or should one choose an alternative?

Our Crypterium Wallet Experience: The Ultimate Test

Before users decide to use the Crypterium Token Wallet, they should have put it through its paces or done extensive research. However, for this, one would already have to invest money or buy cryptocurrencies.

Instead, we have conducted a Crypterium wallet test and summarized the Crypterium wallet experience for our readers in the following sections.

What is the Crypterium Wallet?

The Crypterium Wallet is something more than just a crypto wallet, it is a combined crypto wallet and crypto bank account with linked debit card. In fact, users can use Crypterium Wallet as a mobile wallet and online wallet (desktop browser), and buy cryptocurrencies, manage cryptocurrencies, lend cryptocurrencies, or even pay for purchases with cryptocurrency.

A VISA-issued debit card is offered to pay for everyday purchases and acquisitions, which converts cryptocurrency balances into the corresponding fiat currency at the current market price to send the ordinary fiat currency amount to the distributor.

The wider range of functions offered by the Crypterium Wallet is also accompanied by higher identification and information requirements for users. A strict know-your-customer (KYC) process and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements from the EU dictate that users must provide proof of identity and address upon registration.

crypterium browser application

We feel this is a small sacrifice for the ability to pay or withdraw money almost anywhere with one’s crypto debit card. The crypto banking provider is similar to smartphone banking providers like Revolut or N26, so the crypto wallet is linked to the user’s own smartphone.

Crypterium VISA Card

crypterium crypto debit cardThe Crypterium card is available for free with no monthly maintenance fees as long as you meet the minimum activity requirements as a user.

Crypterium issues a Visa debit card that is initially intended for customers in the Eurozone, but is also available to users in the United States. Crypterium users can choose between a virtual card and a plastic card, or take both.

As long as you load the equivalent of €299 per month onto the card, there are no monthly fees. However, if this minimum deposit is not reached, the card may not be the ideal choice.

The only other fees worth mentioning are a €14.99 fee for delivery of the physical card and a 2% fee for loading the account. There is also a 2.5% foreign fee and a €0.25 fee for online or Apple Pay payments.

The Crypterium (CRPT) wallet holds many popular coins and is secured by the CRPT token. It is available in more than 180 countries, making their debit card a versatile choice.

crypterium card plans

Create Crypterium Wallet: This is how it works

Registering an account is the first step to opening a Crypterium Wallet. This step can be done both in the desktop browser or directly on the smartphone.

Because most users will primarily use the crypto wallet on their smartphone and on the go, we present below how to create Crypterium Wallet on a smartphone:

Download Crypterium Wallet

  • Download Crypterium Wallet from the App Store for Android or iOS and then install the app directly on your smartphone.
  • When opening the app for the first time (tapping on “Get started”, then on “Create an Account”), the smartphone phone number must be entered, and the Crypterium Wallet will be linked to it. In addition, a secure password must be entered, which is required for login.
  • Check the box to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Then tap on “Next.”
  • Now you will receive an SMS with 4-digit code. This code must be entered to verify the cell phone number.
  • Now an email address has to be entered, which will also be linked to the Crypterium Token Wallet account. Just enter the email address and click on “Create an account”.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the inbox. Simply go to the inbox, open the email and click on the included link to verify the link with the email address.
  • Now set a 4-digit PIN to protect access to the app every time you log in with an additional security measure.
  • Now the Crypterium Wallet is opened and can be operated directly in the smartphone app or via the desktop website. We recommend active users to enable push notification for Crypterium Wallet.

About the Crypterium Wallet

What is behind Crypterium?

Crypterium pursues the vision of creating a decentralized banking platform, which should establish itself as the first crypto bank ever from Europe to the whole world. Crypterium was founded in 2017 by Austin Kimm, Gleb Markov and Vladimir Gorbunov with the Estonian company Crypterium AS.

Excitingly, in true crypto community style, the “crypto bank” funded itself with an ICO conducted in late 2017 that raised an impressive $51 million. Since then, the company has worked steadily and reliably to build a leading crypto banking wallet that now boasts over 500,000 users across Europe.

The Crypterium platform has 4 core elements:

  • Crypto Bank (with account and debit card)
  • Crypto purchase (exchange)
  • crypto lending, and
  • an open API for developers.

According to the company’s website, Crypterium’s vision is to provide fully integrated crypto asset and payment management in one platform.

CRPT Token

The Crypterium ICO 2017 raised over $51 million, in return the utility token “CRPT Token” was issued, which comes with some benefits and rights for users in the Crypterium ecosystem. However, there are actually two tokens in this ecosystem at once, namely:

  1. CRPT Token
  2. CRED Token

While the CRPT token is the primary token of the platform, the CRED token is used for additional sub-functions and tasks. Let’s take a closer look at the two tokens and their functions or uses.

CRPT Token

It is common for crypto banking and crypto wallet providers to charge certain transaction fees for any transactions between Crypterium wallets, or even when sending and receiving cryptocurrencies with external wallets and addresses. These represent a key source of revenue for the Crypterium platform, users must pay a transaction fee in CRPT tokens for each transaction into or out of their wallet.
Currently (as of May 2021), Crypterium charges transaction fees in the amount of 0.5%. Sending BTC worth 1,000 EUR would therefore incur fees of 5 EUR, which must be borne by the sender.

In order to keep the value of the CRPT token stable or possibly increase it, Crypterium uses part of the fee income to buy back CRPT tokens from exchanges and create a constant demand.

In addition, 30% of all transaction fees are used to reward the most active users of the platform, along with CRPT token holders. This means that users with more tokens are considered to be more active and thus achieve higher payout levels.

Accordingly, CRPT token holders are divided into two categories: Silver-level holders have between 1-24,999 CRPT tokens in their wallet, and those with 25,000 CRPT tokens or more in their wallet are classified as Platinum holders. While Silver users can only earn up to 10% of the transaction fees, Platinum users can earn up to 50%.

CRED Token

The CRED token is considered a “sub-token” in the Crypterium ecosystem. It allows the platform’s customers to perform interest transactions on the Crypterium blockchain and enjoy an undeniably great banking experience.

Crypterium uses Smart Contracts on its platform to develop a credit currency advance called CRPT: CRED. Using Smart Contracts, Crypterium can assess a customer’s FICO score.

The FICO score ultimately determines about the applicable interest rate, collateral, and more. One way or another, it will work just like traditional banking institutions.

In addition, the platform has ensured that the liquidity of its assets is guaranteed through the use of its funding to reduce instability and changing interest rates.

Once the advance period is nearing its end, users who had taken a loan will have to repay it through CRPT: CRED, including interest. This requires the purchase of the tokens through a crypto exchange.

After this step, the borrower has completed their loan cycle and is then entitled to a re-evaluation of their FICO score for the purposes of future loans.

There is no doubt that CRED, with its secured form of liquidity, will be the platform’s most important sub-token. Analysts claim that due to the nature of demand, holders of the credit sub-tokens will be able to earn above-average returns compared to market rates. Moreover, there is a possibility that these tokens could also be used by various financial institutions.

Crypterium Wallet Compatibility

When it comes to the compatibility of the Crypterium Wallet, we primarily consider with which devices or operating systems the crypto banking wallet can actually be used. First of all, it is positive that the Crypterium service is available both as an online wallet and as a mobile wallet by its very nature.

As an online wallet, the Crypterium Token Wallet can be accessed via the company’s website. A login is required for this, after which the entire range of functions can be used in any popular browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Chrome for Windows, as well as Safari for iOS.

As a mobile wallet, the Crypterium Wallet is probably even better and easier to use for most users. Mainly because you always have the wallet with you, for example to pay for purchases at points of sale or to quickly make transfers to friends and acquaintances. The Crypterium Wallet is available for free for iOS and Android and can be downloaded directly from the App Store.

The wallet for iOS is currently available in version 1.15.8 (May 2021), the download size is 85.9 MB. Compatibility is guaranteed for all iPhones and iPod touch with version iOS 11.0 or later. Unfortunately, the wallet is currently only available in English.

The Crypterium Wallet for Android is currently available in version (May 2021), with a download size of 48 MB. The wallet can be used on all Android devices with Android version 5.0 and later. With more than 100,000 installations, it is clear that most Crypterium Token Wallet users are found on iOS.


In terms of usability, the Crypterium Token Wallet owes little to its users. Overall, it is a simple and clear crypto banking wallet, which is intuitive and easy to use despite the enormous range of functions. Only the restriction to operation in English is a certain drawback.

The user interface of the Crypterium Wallet largely resembles the layout of most other crypto wallets. On the dashboard, the total value of all crypto deposits in the current display currency (EUR or USD) is shown on the left at the top of the screen, and the percentage change within the last 24 hours is shown on the right (this takes into account the often high price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies).

Below that, the four core functions of depositing, sending, exchanging or withdrawing crypto deposits are displayed. Those who scroll further down are made aware of current promotions, the most important unused functions and features of the Crypterium token wallet. For instance, the staking opion for CRPT tokens with 21% annual return is also advertised here.

At the bottom of the screen in the Crypterium Wallet is the vertical navigation bar with the 4 modules “Card”, “Market”, “History” and “Profile”.

In the “Card” module, the option to order the VISA debit card for the Crypterium Wallet is presented. “Order the Card” allows one to request the two types of debit card explained in the “Crypterium VISA Debit Card” section.

In the “Market” module, one first receives the current quotations of all cryptocurrencies available or storable in the Crypterium Wallet, including their price development and change within the last 7 days. Key figures about the crypto market such as the market capitalization and the 24-hour trading volume are also displayed. The “Predictions” tab gives access to Crypterium’s integrated AI-based predictions plugin. The “Savings Account” tab gives you the option of staking individual cryptocurrencies with their current annual interest.

Via the “History” module, you can view your entire transaction history over the last weeks and months or export it as a CSV file (this could be necessary and helpful for tax purposes).

In the “Profile” module you can change settings for your own profile, personal data and also payment limits. The option for 24/7 customer support, the FAQ section and more detailed information about the app version can also be opened here.

In terms of usability, we particularly like the following about Crypterium Wallet:

  • Easy navigation via the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Easy switching between crypto market, crypto staking and crypto lending
  • Insight into previous transaction history with export function
  • Large icons and buttons for ease of use

At the same time, we have to talk about limited usability in these areas:

Only available in English; no multilingualism of the application, no German version.
Practical is the possibility to send directly to friends and acquaintances by phone number, provided that these users also use Crypterium Wallet. At the same time, registering in the wallet requires a lot of effort with proof of identity and address. For many users, the functional scope of the Crypterium Wallet possibly goes beyond what is actually needed.

Security & Backup

The Crypterium Token Wallet is where users will store or manage some of their hard-earned money. Whether it’s 3, 4, or 5-digit amounts, the security features of the Crypterium Wallet should be of high interest to all users. So what about Crypterium Wallet security? What functions and features are offered?

Crypterium’s regulated nature as a crypto banking provider with strict requirements and guidelines generally ensures a high level of security for the app. Since users have to provide proof of identity and address to unlock all the features, unauthorized access and misuse is already largely eliminated.

Important security measures implemented by the Crypterium Wallet are:

  • PIN code (4 digits)
  • 2-factor authentication

Only the fact that the Crypterium Wallet is managed by the operator, i.e. a so-called “Custodian Wallet”, brings with it a certain security risk. If hackers were to carry out an attack on Crypterium itself, it could possibly lead to unauthorized access and, in the worst case, the theft of crypto deposits. However, this has never happened so far.

Theoretically, the convenient linking with the smartphone or cell phone number can also be seen as a certain disadvantage, because this comes with risks in case of loss or theft of the smartphone. However, linking with the email address and 2FA is a security measure that should largely counter this risk.

When using the Crypterium VISA debit card, another security risk arises because if the debit card including PIN code is stolen, crypto deposits could possibly be stolen if withdrawn from ATMs or used for spending by an unauthorized third party. Ultimately, this is the security risk that comes with any bank or debit card.

Security measures

  • Separate PIN (4 digits) required for each login
  • High level of security through AML/KYC process, linked to identity
  • Security through two-factor authentication (2FA)

Possible security risks

  • Custodian wallet -> Crypterium manages private key for user
  • Link to smartphone introduces risks if smartphone is lost/stolen
  • Debit card must be securely stored to prevent unauthorized access/use of crypto deposits

Customer Support

The entry into the crypto world, especially the crypto banking universe is not always easy. Newcomers can be overwhelmed at first, especially with the Crypterium Wallet with its many functions and features. For instance, how can you buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency or really make money in the Savings Account with crypto staking?

If users have questions, a professional Crypterium Wallet customer support is needed.

The FAQ section, which can be accessed via the “Profile” module, serves as the first point of contact. Divided into sections ranging from Wallet, Send Crypto to IBAN and Crypto Exchange, the most common questions are answered in a compact and clear manner.

If questions still remain unanswered, the availability of a 24/7 chat is advertised. In fact, this claim turns out to be untrue, at least strictly speaking, because if you start the chat via the “Profile” module, you will be informed that every request from the chat will be sent to the support team via email.

Unfortunately, no information is provided regarding promised or binding response time. However, our Crypterium Wallet experience shows that you can usually expect answers within 24 hours.
However, we see the fact that Crypterium Wallet’s customer support – like the app – is only available in English as a drawback.

Crypto beginners and fans who want an innovative and user-friendly mobile wallet that supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies and enables the purchase of tokens via an integrated crypto exchange should take a closer look at our test winner eToro Wallet. The app also stands out positively due to its German customer support, which is available Mon-Fri.

Buy Bitcoin with Crypterium Wallet – This is how it works

Those who want to buy Bitcoin directly from the Crypterium Wallet can do so in just a few steps. At Crypterium, users can either buy Bitcoin directly by using an existing debit card or with the funds in their crypto bank account at Crypterium.

Beginners will mostly use a debit card from an external bank account, so we will describe this use case in more detail below.

Step 1: Download & Setup
In the first step, simply open the Crypterium Token Wallet with your PIN and then tap on the yellow button with “+” symbol on the top left of the screen at “Top up”.

We show here the purchase of Bitcoin with a debit card at an external bank, therefore we tap on the top of the three options (“Buy crypto”). With the option below, you could use the bank balance at Crypterium to buy bitcoin.

Step 2: Select debit card
The purchase menu by debit card is now displayed. Maestro and VISA debit cards are accepted. To add a debit card, tap on the text “+ Add a bank card”.

Now type in the card number, expiration date and name as indicated on the debit card. Then tap the “Save” button to save the debit card data for the present (and also for future use).

Now, select the saved debit card from the “From” menu at the top.

Step 3: Buy Bitcoin
In the “To” field, check that Bitcoin (BTC) is really selected. Below that, in the “You pay” field, enter the EUR amount by which you want to buy Bitcoin at the current market price.

You can act with a minimum amount of 2 EUR up to a maximum of 5,000 EUR, we recommend users to choose a minimum payment between 250-500 EUR. Below that, the EUR amount is now converted into BTC.

Clicking on the “Buy xxx BTC” button completes the Bitcoin purchase in the Crypterium Wallet. After about 10-15 minutes, the amount should be credited directly to the BTC Wallet in Crypterium Wallet and appear in the total balance.

Crypterium Advantages and Disadvantages

Our Crypterium crypto banking experience so far suggests that it is a powerful crypto banking wallet that impresses with many advantages and strengths. However, the wallet’s weaknesses and drawbacks should not be overlooked either.

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of Crypterium Token Wallet:


  • Over 100 cryptocurrencies are supported
  • VISA debit card for payment with crypto deposits at over 65 million acceptance points
  • Withdrawals of crypto deposits from ATMs at the current conversion rate
  • Insured crypto deposits (insurance provided by BitGo).
  • Stringent security measures: Additional PIN, 2FA, client-side encryption.


  • Only available in English language
  • Customer support only via email
  • Custodian wallet – private key managed by provider
  • Relatively high fees

Where can I download the Crypterium Wallet Application?

The Crypterium Wallet is basically available as an online wallet in the browser and as a mobile wallet for Android and iOS. Most users will prefer to use the mobile wallet, the download is easily available directly from the App Store for Android and iOS.

Crypterium Service Fees

Cryptocurrencies are bought, stored and traded by most users for reasons of return, idealism plays a minor role in the best case scenario. Now, the return achieved with cryptocurrencies is not only influenced by the price performance of the coins, but also by the amount of costs and fees incurred for transactions and storage.

The complexity of the Crypterium Wallet fees stems from the fact that in addition to transaction fees, there are also fees for the Crypterium VISA debit card and also the native token CRPT as well as the subtoken CRED (and other possible items) to consider.

The Crypterium Token Wallet in principle charges 0.5% transaction fees for each purchase into or sale of tokens from the Crypterium Wallet. A purchase of BTC at the value of 1,000 EUR would incur as e.g. 5 EUR transaction fees.

Additional fees may apply for the Crypterium VISA debit card, depending on the type of debit card and the transaction volume. Provided that a minimum volume of transactions per month is reached, the use of the Crypterium VISA Debit Card is free of charge per se.

The Crypterium Crypto Debit Card & Wallet fees are summarized in the following overview:

  • VISA Debit Card Fee (Physical Debit Card):  2,99 € / month (for transaction volume < 299 €)
  • VISA Debit Card Fee (Virtual Card): Free of charge
  • Transaction fee: 0,5%
  • Delivery VISA debit card: 14,99 €
  • Currency conversion fee: 2.5%
  • Online/Apple Pay fee: 0,25 € per payment

Downloading and using the Crypterium Wallet is free in itself. However, there are costs and fees for operations such as buying and selling as well as withdrawing crypto deposits in fiat currency, subscribing to the Crypterium VISA Debit Card and also for each payment made with the VISA Debit Card at a VISA acceptance point.

Which coins can be stored in the Crypterium Wallet and used with the Debit Card?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are not enough for most crypto beginners and crypto fans today. That’s why you want a crypto wallet where you can store most of the leading cryptocurrencies. How does the Crypterium token wallet perform here? Which coins and tokens are supported by the Crypterium Wallet?

In fact, the Crypterium Wallet is compatible with most of the leading cryptocurrencies. The compatibility covers not only

  • Bitcoin,
  • Ethereum,
  • Ripple,
  • Bitcoin Cash,
  • Cardano and
  • all ERC-20 tokens,

In total, over 140 cryptocurrencies are supported. This is a solid base for most users to get by with Crypterium Wallet.


Is there a better alternative to the Crypterium Debit Card and crypto banking service?

When Crypterium Token Wallet was founded, the crypto wallet market was still relatively small and manageable, but the crypto spring and the downright hype since the last few months has resulted in dozens of providers entering the market in the crypto wallet space, and now also in the crypto banking space.

Our Crypterium Wallet experience is solid and positive, in fact it is a reputable, serious and regulated provider in the European Union.

The question of a Crypterium Wallet alternative primarily arises for crypto users who can do without crypto banking services like VISA debit card and prefer to pay lower fees.

Those who want a modern, innovative and user-friendly crypto wallet, which can be operated as a mobile wallet on the smartphone and enables inexpensive cryptocurrency purchases, should test our test winner eToro Wallet more closely.

Via the integrated regulated exchange, 19 leading cryptocurrencies can be bought and traded at minimal spreads, and the wallet supports over 100 cryptocurrencies in total.


Crypterium is a top-notch crypto banking wallet that allows users to buy and save cryptocurrencies. The optional (paid) Crypterium VISA debit card allows users to make purchases and payments with cryptocurrencies, as well as withdraw from ATMs.

As a regulated provider based in the EU (Estonia), high security standards are guaranteed. There are weaknesses in the user-friendliness, management of the private key by the operator and unfortunately a lack of different language versions of the Crypterium Wallet.

For crypto beginners and fans, we therefore recommend our test winner the eToro Wallet to store and trade over 100 cryptocurrencies. Buying 19 leading cryptocurrencies at minimal fees is also possible.


What type of wallet is Crypterium Wallet?

Crypterium Wallet is available as a mobile wallet and online wallet. However, it is actually a crypto banking wallet that also allows VISA debit card for payment in stores and ATM withdrawals. The current conversion rate is used.

In which countries is the Visa Debit Card available? is currently offering shipping to Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

Countries that are currently not yet supported are listed here:

Is the Crypterium Wallet secure?

Yes, 2-factor authentication and a separate 4-digit PIN ensure security of funds. Moreover, verification with proof of identity is also another security feature.

Is Crypterium Wallet a bitcoin wallet?

Yes, Crypterium Wallet can be used as a bitcoin wallet. But it is much more – a crypto banking wallet that can store and manage over 100 cryptocurrencies.

Is it possible to buy bitcoin with Crypterium Wallet?

Yes, users can buy bitcoin using fiat currency (e.g. credit card or bank transfer) as well as other cryptocurrencies. However, before doing so, the Crypterium Wallet must be opened and the account verified.

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