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In Ukraine, marked by corruption and still trying to gain a foothold after a revolution, crypto currencies may have found something to get it back on its feet. More and more citizens are turning to crypto currencies.

Crypto currencies a glimmer of hope

Bloomberg reported that the typical monthly salary for a Ukrainian is about 300 dollars. But that doesn’t keep people away from crypto currencies. More and more Ukrainian companies are accepting crypto currencies for their services and goods – including some sellers at the farmers’ market in Kiev.

The country is more than open to digital innovation. The annual party called “Blockchain Incredible Party” takes place in the port city of Odessa on the Black Sea. The atmosphere at this event is often relaxed and relaxed, but people always keep in mind that the government is most likely watching them. While crypto currencies are popular, they can cause turbulence in their own country, as some crypto proponents hope that the technology will at least partially take power away from the oligarchs.

Fear of the government

In December 2017, government agents stormed the house of Anthony Kaplan and confiscated computers and about 250,000 US dollars in crypto currencies. Anthony Kaplan founded a news platform for crypto currencies, which the government probably didn’t like. When he tried in vain to recover his property, he relocated his entrepreneurial activities to Israel.

And only a few months later, in March 2018, authorities announced that they had closed down some 400 mining operations. The reason: digital currencies would be smuggled into the conflict zone of Donetsk.

Despite these and more difficulties, crypto enthusiasts are not losing their optimism. The Ukrainian government could take steps to make the country, which is largely involved in agriculture, crypto-friendly.

Economic upswing thanks to new course?

It has already worked with BitFury Group Ltd., a blockchain tech company, to store data on blockchain-based systems. There are also rumours that the central bank is investigating application and implementation possibilities for its own digital currency.

Blockchain technology, which could be used for supply chain management in the agricultural sector, could possibly lead to an economic upturn for the country and its citizens.

About the Ukraine

A temperate climate zone determines the weather in Ukraine. As everywhere in the northern hemisphere, the days in the summer months are not only warmer, but also longer. The average daily maximum temperatures are between -1 and 28 degrees, depending on the season. In some parts of the country, temperatures can reach 31 degrees during the day. In the colder months, the temperature drops to an average of -6°C at night, depending on the region.

The Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe at the Black Sea. The country has a total area of 603,550 km² and a total coastline of 2,782 km. This area is about 1.7 times the size of Germany. Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe after Russia and the 45th largest country in the world.

Direct borders exist with the 7 neighbouring countries Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovakia. The distance between Berlin and the capital Kiev is about 1,210 km.