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Moldova: Blockchain against human trafficking

Moldova is currently struggling with poverty, unemployment and human trafficking. A blockchain solution in cooperation with ConsenSys is intended to remedy the latter.

Moldova, better known as Moldova, is a landlocked country in southeastern Europe. It borders on the Ukraine and Romania and with a population of almost 3.5 million is home to about as many people as the German capital. However, the infrastructure in Moldova is much worse than in Berlin. Due to a high poverty rate in combination with a high unemployment rate, the country has to struggle with human trafficking.

As Reuters reports in reference to United Nations figures, the country even has one of the highest human trafficking rates in Europe. It is difficult to find absolutely reliable figures here – it is a matter that should not be brought to the surface. And so the problem is ultimately made possible: the fact that many children are not even registered with the authorities after they are born makes it all the easier for traffickers to bring them across the border with forged documents in order to sell them there.

Moldova is now planning to tackle this problem with a blockchain solution in cooperation with Consensys. To this end, the government is now working on a project to record identity data on the blockchain. According to the technology, this data would then be transparent, permanently stored and, above all, unchangeable.

Another serious problem closely related to human trafficking is corruption. With an average monthly salary of the equivalent of 120 euros, many civil servants are gratefully accepting every conceivable financial injection. The possibility of bribing civil servants makes it all the easier to transport people with forged identity data across borders. A blockchain solution would make this corruptibility of the system even more difficult.

Combating symptoms instead of solving problems

A blockchain solution should ultimately ensure that at least the authenticity of people’s identities can be verified and recorded. A check based on a scan of the iris or fingerprints is conceivable. An alert to parents should then ensure that children do not cross the border without the knowledge of their legal guardians. It is hoped that this will make it easier to track down traffickers and, in addition, to bring them to court for Taking responsibility.

The approach is good, but implementation is still a long way off. It is not yet known how the necessary data will be collected or how exactly and where it will be stored later. Also, the approach is to combat symptoms – the high unemployment and the economically desolate state of the country is not changed by the approach.