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In a recent interview with local media, Kenyan crypto currency miner Eugene Mutai described the entire (crypto currency) economic system as comprehensive, possibly “the largest wealth distribution system of all time”. The young Kenyan fought his way out of poverty to become a respected technology consultant and programmer and is currently using crypto currency as a means of participating in global financial markets.

Mr. Mutai describes crypto currency as a global economic equalizer with the ability to circumvent the restrictions that prevent ordinary citizens from accessing financial markets. Thanks to crypto currencies, “big players can no longer deny anyone participation in the financial system,” said the 28-year-old.

Mr. Mutai sacrificed a not inconsiderable part of his apartment to house his crypto currency mining hardware, including an entire armada of fans needed to cool his equipment. A year ago, however, Eugene hadn’t even heard of Bitcoin or crypto currency.

The young Kenyan has managed to rise from poverty to Kenya’s middle class

Mr. Mutai was very interested in technology, and after borrowing a Nokia Symbian S40 from a friend – a non-smartphone with the ability to download apps – he started teaching himself the basics of HTML and CSS programming in his spare time after working in agriculture.

At that time, Mr. Mutai lived in his mother’s home village and barely earned the money needed to survive. In his last high school year, Eugene and his mother moved away from the city after she lost her job and his twin brother died. With the firm intention of improving his quality of life, Eugene decided to move to Nairobi to live with his uncle, who had a desktop computer with Wi-Fi connection.

With unyielding zeal, Mr. Mutai spent several months acquiring programming skills, so that his uncle eventually took his computer away from him out of concern for his health. Using his newly acquired skills, Mr. Mutai found a job as a programmer before becoming a consultant for the local technology developer iHub and Nairobi County Council.

Currently, Mr. Mutai works for Andela, a company that trains developers and engineers across Africa. Despite Eugene’s inspiring story of his rise from poverty to Kenya’s middle class, with no formal education beyond high school, Mr. Mutai is currently focusing on the use of crypto currency as a means to accumulate further wealth.

Eugene Mutai is a Miner and invests in crypto currencies

Mr. Mutai uses six 1080 TI graphics cards. He would like to expand his mining operations by using two additional GPUs, but would have to improve the power supply to his house for these purposes. Eugene states that he is currently primarily engaged in mining for Zash and LBRY credits. His monthly electricity bill is about $200, which is far more than the average consumption of a Nairobi apartment.

Mr Mutai has also started to invest in ´Initial Coin Offerings´ (IOCs). Eugene said he “feels like a small venture capitalist. The young investor said “investing a lot of time in research”, but that nevertheless IOCs are associated with high-risk investments. “They say no risk, no profit, and I’m willing to take that risk,” Mr Mutai said.