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Will a new type of token soon be established, the so-called class of political tokens? Or Independence Token? Ambazonia, the south of Cameroon relies on self-determination and its own tokens: AmbaToken. This is supposed to bring the state of Ambazonia its independence. Ambazonia corresponds to the former Brisch-Kamerun.

A new crypto currency wants to establish itself on the market and not only be attractive for investors. And: With the AmbaCoin, the developers are pursuing political goals. The token is intended to finance the separatists and later lead to an independent currency and the independence of Amazonia.

It is the second coin to be issued by a government or a country. Venezuela had already decided to take this step. The interested party immediately recognizes the parallels. In both countries there is unrest and the government is under pressure. In addition, the economy has collapsed, which is why the living situation of the citizens has deteriorated. According to media reports, more than 100,000 inhabitants are already fleeing the smouldering conflict.

Ambazonia wants independence

The region in the south of Cameroon wants to split off since 2017 and no longer belong to the national territory. The overall situation there is chaotic and resembles a civil war. The separatists are not recognized by the government, which is why the conditions are becoming increasingly harsh. The overall situation deteriorates as the economy suffers from this development and necessary reforms cannot take place. Social peace is affected, as is the economic situation.

What are the goals of the AmbaCoin independence advocates?

The very introduction is a statement. With it, the renegades are sending out a signal because they are introducing their own currency and are splitting off even further with it.

Those responsible also want to use it to collect money so that their movement can continue to gain influence and have the necessary financial reserves. Through their own currency, they hope that an application to the United Nations, which will lead to an official split, will be more successful.

Furthermore, the AmbaCoin should improve the economic situation of the citizens and in this way ensure prosperity. Only better living conditions can prevent unrest. And some of the separatists are clearly aiming for their own currency and an independent state. Perhaps a new type of token can establish itself: the Independence Token.

About Cameroon

Cameroon, located on the Gulf of Guinea on the West African coast, is more than 50 percent forested. Most cities are in the south. The former German colony colony was divided between Great Britain and France in 1919 after 50 years of German rule. In 1960 the French part becomes independent as Cameroon, in 1961 the south of the British part falls to Cameroon, the north to Nigeria. Cameroon is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. It is the first country to join the Confederation without having previously been a colony of Great Britain. The name Cameroon derives from the Cameroon River, which the Portuguese called Rio dos Cameros in the 15th century.